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We tell you in advance as part of each invitation how long the survey is expected to take and how much you will be paid for it, however there is no obligation to take part; its entirely your discretion.

Survey answers are treated as confidential. The money you earn can be redeeemed for free via Paypal.

Join today let WRM Surveys subsidise your income, whilst helping companies and researchers to develop their products and services.

  • Check your inbox regularly, for new survey invites. This increases your chances of participating within the allotted time scale
  • Update your profiling questions- the more information we know about you, the better the chance that we can send you surveys suited to your interests
  • Receive surveys to the email address that is associated with your PayPal account, this will make the pay-out process quick and simple
  • Answer surveys truthfully and honestly so that your opinion can help to shape our future.

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